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How Cuckoo Workout got started

Everything started in 2014

Veera Lehmonen and her colleague Ida Mänty were sitting at their internship, and they realised they spent the whole day sitting still. For active people like they, this was a concerning thought. So, they decided to set an alarm every day at 12.00. When the alarm went off, they started doing 100 jumping jacks.

The whole office joined

Veera’s and Ida’s jumping around woke interest among the other people at the office. Soon others were joining the ladies, and for few minutes the whole office were smiling and laughing. After having the break, they felt more refreshed. Veera and Ida had an epiphany that this is something that all the offices around the world should do. Thus, Cuckoo got started!

Cuckoo Family

Head of sales Janna Lampinen joined the team in 2014, after Veera had pitched her Cuckoo’s idea and mission. Janna got so excited, and told her colleagues at the time, that one day she will work there. Head of technology Mika Niinistö has been part of the team since 2015. Mika has been developing Cuckoo, and is behind the Cuckoo app as well as Cuckoo’s new look that came out in 2019. Familiar face from the videos Linda Kuula has been modelling for Cuckoo since its first video, but also has been part of the full time team for three years now.

Cuckoo in 2019

Currently Cuckoo Workout employs 10 people. Cuckoo is used in over 15 countries, 120 companies and has 15 000 users. In the beginning of 2019 The Finnish institute of Occupational health published a research, which studied Cuckoo’s usage at Nokia. The same year Cuckoo Workout was chosen for Finland’s young innovative companies program, and got a grant for globalisation.

If you’re interested in joining the Cuckoo team, follow us on social media. We will post open position there!

Cuckoo Workout keeps Aditro moving

Employee wellbeing and investing in it are a significant part of Aditro’s corporate culture. One element of workplace wellness promotion is regular break exercise sessions, which is why Aditro employees use the Cuckoo Workout break exercise app.

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