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It all started in 2014

Veera Lehmonen istui kollegansa Ida Männyn kanssa ammattikorkeakoulun työharjoittelussa, missä he huomasivat istuvansa koko päivän yhteen putkeen. Tämä oli aktiivisille nuorille huolestuttava ajatus, joten Veera ja Ida päättivät laittaa kellon soimaan päivittäin klo 12.00. Kun hälytys koitti, naiset lähtivät hyppimään sataa haarahyppyä.

The whole office joined!

People at the office started showing interest for Veera’s and Ida’s activity, and soon joined them every day. The office was filled with laughter and smiles, and everyone felt refreshed after jumping around. After this Veera and Ida wanted to move employees around the globe, and this is when Cuckoo got started!


CTO Mika Niinistö joined Cuckoo in 2016.  He’s the wizard behind the Cuckoo app and the new features of Cuckoo. Familiar face from the videos Linda Kuula, started as a model, but soon joined the team as a full time employee. She has worked in different roles and currently works as the COO.

Cuckoo in 2019

Currently Cuckoo employs 12 people. It is used in over 15 countries, has 15 ooo users and is used in 120 different companies. The Finnish occupational health published a research about Cuckoo and its benefits on employees at Nokia in 2018. Cuckoo Workout was rewarded with Finland’s young innovative companies funding, that helps Cuckoo to take over the world.

If you would like to work with the Cuckoo team, follow us on social media and keep your eyes open for new positions!

Cuckoo Workout keeps Aditro moving

Employee wellbeing and investing in it are a significant part of Aditro’s corporate culture. One element of workplace wellness promotion is regular break exercise sessions, which is why Aditro employees use the Cuckoo Workout break exercise app.

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