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Cuckoo Workout®
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Currently, many of us are working from home. Thus, we are in need for some adjustments in the way we work. Therefore, we want to offer everyone a chance to take care of their wellbeing during this time by offering one month for free!

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Cuckoo Workout® break exercise app
Cuckoo Workout® break exercise app

Cuckoo Workout®
break exercise app

Cuckoo Workout is an easy-to-use break exercise app that activates employees to get up and move in a fun a way. It reminds those who sit at work to take breaks from the screen and get physically active. It motivates users with its game alike features and amazing prizes that you can win by being active. In addition to the active breaks, Cuckoo offers Mindfulness breaks, tips and webinars that help users to form healthy routines at work and on their free time. Are you ready to get Cuckoo’d?

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Cuckoo Workout®
app benefits for individuals

Increase your daily amount of steps. Decrease immobility and improve mobility and motion control. Decrease your sitting at work but also on your days off.

Tiredness, forgetfulness and laziness decreases the most. Active Cuckoo users feel significant improvement in their recovery.

Cuckoo offers an ice breaker to your office and an easy way to get to know your colleagues better and have fun together!

Active Cuckoo users feel that their memory and attention span gets better and they feel more productive. In addition, you feel more energized after work, so you have more power to enjoy your free time.

Cuckoo Workout® break exercise app
Cuckoo Workout® break exercise app

Cuckoo Workout® app benefits for the company

Extremely active Cuckoo users productivity can grow approximately 1,50€/h. Employees who use Cuckoo actively feel more strong and vigorous.

Prevents musculoskeletal problems and burnout by encouraging regular exercise breaks during the working day. Just 8 minutes a day is enough! Sick day leaves among the active users within 3 months decreased approximately half a day.

Encourage an open working culture and team spirit by bringing individuals together – even around the world – with the aid of a fun, game-themed app. Workplace that offers Cuckoo is considered more encouraging, positive and supportive.

Financial benefit for a company with 100 employees in a year can be 97 211 €. Contact us, if you want to know how much your company could save money by using Cuckoo Workout.

“Using Cuckoo is good for your body, but also it is fun when done together. My colleagues gather around my table to do breaks together, and we have so much fun!”

“Cuckoo has decreased my neck and shoulder pains. It is easier to keep a good posture while working”

Cuckoo Workout keeps Aditro moving

Employee wellbeing and investing in it are a significant part of Aditro’s corporate culture. One element of workplace wellness promotion is regular break exercise sessions, which is why Aditro employees use the Cuckoo Workout break exercise app.

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