Cuckoo Workout® break exercise app

Cuckoo Workout®
break exercise app

Cuckoo Workout is an easy-to-use break exercise app that activates employees to get up and moving in a fun a way. It reminds those who sit at work to take breaks from the screen and get physically active.

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“Our employees are more energetic and more satisfied at work now.”

Sini Simonen, Head of Administration and Personnel, PostNord

“This is an amazing product that all companies should put to use.”

Merja Vehmainen, Head of Administration and Personnel, Aditro

“Our rate of sick days has decreased and job satisfaction has increased.”

Anna Partala, Business Director, Rantalainen

The benefits of the Cuckoo Workout®

Improves productivity by making working days more effective thanks to physical and mental micro-breaks.

Prevents musculoskeletal problems and burnout by encouraging regular exercise breaks during the working day. Just 8 minutes a day is enough!

Encourage an open working culture and team spirit by bringing individuals together – even around the world – with the aid of a fun, game-themed app.

Help individual employees meet their potential with mental and physical exercises.

Cuckoo Workout® break exercise app

Use Cuckoo Workout® on any device

The Cuckoo Workout break exercise app works on browsers and mobile devices. The portable app can be used for breaks, wherever and whenever you want. You can adjust the app to remind you to take breaks during the day.

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Cuckoo Workout® is suitable for everyone

The best break exercise app on the market is suitable for workplaces of all sizes.
It’s easy to share and scale.

Cuckoo HAPPY

99per mo.
  • 10 users
  • Additional users € 6/person/month
  • Brings happiness to work with active breaks

Cuckoo REAL

495per mo.
  • 100 users
  • Additional users € 4/person/month
  • Get really and truly moving!

Cuckoo BRAVE

989per mo.
  • 300 users
  • Additional users € 2.5/person/month
  • Encourage your organisation to get moving


  • +500 users
  • Big changes by moving together!
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