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Break Exercise Improves productivity

Studies show that physical activity like break exercise improves stress tolerance and learning ability, and boosts memory and thinking skills. Exercise also activates the brain network that maintains alertness. MRI images show that the brains of physically active persons work more efficiently than those of passive people. Employees who feel well are more productive and have more energy as well as better organisation and task management skills than those who are not feeling well.

Prevent sickness absences

Studies show that employees who feel well are less likely to become ill or have work-related accidents. Compared to sedentary people, physically active people are more rarely off from work sick, and so cause fewer expenses as well. At the moment, musculoskeletal diseases are the leading cause for disability pensions, indicating among other things that the amount of physical activity has decreased as a result of sedentary, seated work. Break exercise boosts metabolism and circulation. It also lubricates joints and muscles, which helps prevent damage and maintain work ability.

Improve corporate culture

Exercise provides social interaction and a feeling of being part of a group, which are important for the development of self-image and identity. Exercise gives a sense of relaxation and empowerment and helps deal with disappointment and negative feelings. A joint break exercise session is a social event and part of corporate culture that improves the working atmosphere and increases a sense of community! Feedback has shown that break exercise knits teams together, reduces hierarchy within the organisation and relieves tension.

Improve employer image

Possibility to exercise during working hours and to interact with colleagues helps create a positive employer image. Using a fun break exercise app projects an image of an open, fun and closely-knit company. It also shows that the company takes good care of its employees and wants to retain them as part of the work community for as long as possible. A work community with a more light-hearted atmosphere, helped along by empowering breaks and a fun app, is a desirable place to work!

Cuckoo Workout keeps Aditro moving

Employee wellbeing and investing in it are a significant part of Aditro’s corporate culture. One element of workplace wellness promotion is regular break exercise sessions, which is why Aditro employees use the Cuckoo Workout break exercise app.

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